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Container Basics Schedule

Intro Workshop Days are at the following times: 9:00AM–1:00PM US Pacific Time (12:00PM–4:00PM US Eastern Time)


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Below are the schedule and classroom materials for Container Camp 2021.

This workshop runs under a Code of Conduct. Please respect it and be excellent to each other!

Twitter hash tag: #cc2021

Day 1 - Introduction to Containers and Docker


  • Guest Speaker (Nirav Merchant)

  • Hands on exercise using Docker in Atmosphere


Introduction to Docker and its uses in reproducible science. What are Dockerfiles. Using Docker on the commandline.


  1. Introduction to containers & where to find them

  2. Command line containers with CyVerse Atmosphere (optional: run locally)

Optional Homework:

Test other Docker container images on Atmosphere or locally

Day 2 - Docker on CyVerse


  • Use GitHub to browse for public Dockerfiles

  • Explore CyVerse Discovery Environment

  • Find official CyVerse Docker images

  • Tour of how containers work on CyVerse (including brief introduction to nginx & gomplate)


Introduction to the CyVerse Discovery Environment. Demonstration of how Docker containers are applications. Planning how attendees may use these containers in their work.


  1. Introduction to what Dockerfiles are and what you use them for

  2. Understand apps on CyVerse are referencing Docker containers

  3. Know how to navigate CyVerse Discovery Environment

  4. Start thinking about how to modify an official CyVerse image

Day 3 - Integrating Docker Containers onto CyVerse


  • Modifying official CyVerse Dockerfiles

  • App integration into the Discovery Environment

  • Discuss challenges associated with “containerization”


Modification of official CyVerse images. Discuss how containers integrate onto CyVerse. Problems associated with containers.


  1. Understand how to modify Dockerfiles and best practices (for CyVerse and beyond)

  2. Learn to integrate your own Docker images into CyVerse & where to get help

  3. Be able to list the limitations and challenges associated with containerized analyses