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Advanced Container Camp Schedule

Advanced Workshop Days are at the following times: 9:00AM–1:00PM US Pacific Time (12:00PM–4:00PM US Eastern Time)


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Below are the schedule and classroom materials for Container Camp 2021.

This workshop runs under a Code of Conduct. Please respect it and be excellent to each other!

Twitter hash tag: #cc2021

Day 1 - From the OS up Docker Image Builds


  • Introduction to GitPod on GitHub

  • Hands on exercise using base OS images in GitPod

  • Continuous Integration in GitHub

  • Guest Speakers from


Introduction to Docker builds from OS base images and when to pursue this.


  1. Use cases for building from the OS up

  2. Understand base images like Alpine linux and their portability/size

  3. Setup GitHub Actions for continuous integration of Docker builds

Optional Homework:

Scratch Build with Alpine Linux to perform a task

Day 2 - Accelerating Your Analyses



Hands on with Singularity. Introduction to distributed computing on the OpenScienceGrid. Introduction to GPU acceleration in containers with official NVIDIA Docker images.


  1. Introduction to Singularity

  2. Introduction to OpenScienceGrid (OSG)

  3. Understand OSG applications on CyVerse

  4. Know where to look for NVIDIA images

  5. Define use cases for OSG and/or NVIDIA acceleration of analyses

Day 3 - Breakout Sessions


  • Breakout into domain specific and special topic sections


Domain science breakout sessions. Examples: bioinformatics, geospatial analysis, deep learning, edge computing, information security, etc.


Dependent on breakout section topics.